Is God trying to get our attention?

Is God trying to get our attention? We see all this turmoil and strife going on. Often people blame God for the disasters. But, since sin was introduced into this world from Adam and Even, things have gone wrong. Sin separates us from God.

I don’t recall all the stuff that was going on then, to lay this on my heart. The one big one close to this event was the Boston Marathon Bombing.

We had the rioting in Baltimore, MD, the earthquake in Napel, and hearing of a Tuna plant that cooked a man cleaning an oven. What about hurricanes that keep going on too. Not to mention election results and more.


We have things always going on around us. God is trying to get our attention and the attention of others around us to show He is God. He wants us Christians to come together, pray and unite. Don’t say bad things about those people doing bad things, we must shed the light of Jesus.

Pharaoh example: 

Look at time of Pharaoh in the Book of Exodus in the Bible, when Mose and Aaron were trying to let the Israelites get out of Egypt.  Occurrences/plagues that happened so people would know He was God since Pharaoh didn’t allow them to let the people go.But end the end There was good that came out of it! The people we able to leave out of the slavery there were in.

Good comes out of bad! 

Just like the bad that happens, the media will only show the bad. But, if you watch you see those who risk their lives to help others in distress. They come to the aid when needed.

My opinion: 

My personal opinion is God is trying to get our attention. We are become a Nation more built on world things than Heavenly things. Than the one who created the world. We use to be One Nation Under God. But we are removing Him out of everywhere.

Removal of Christ: 

A school had a picture of Christ in it since 1940s’ and because of two people they took it down. As Christians we are not standing up for Christ. We are becoming ashamed or secretly worshiping God because we are afraid of the persecution.

I honestly believe if we put Christ back in our cities, towns, states, schools, and more everything will go much smoother.

Remember the devil comes to KILL, steal and destroy. But God comes with Jesus who died for our sins so we may have external life with Him in Heaven.

Without God we are nothing. Remember with God all things are possible!

Let me ask you this: 

You are known to have your Bible with you at work. Now they say you are not allowed to carry your Bible to work. What would you do? Would you just go with it cause you need the money or would you quit your stop, take a leap of faith and trust in God to provide that next job?

If you knew there was a debate to remove like the 10 Commandments, a cross or any other thing shows Christian faith. Would you just sit and let them be able to remove it or would you stand up and try to keep it?


We are called to witness to a lost and dying world and this world is becoming more and more dark, everything is becoming more and more accepted than the Laws that God gave us.

Not a Wild Card: 

Yes we have a Savior who died for our sins, and we are forgiven if we ask, but that doesn’t give us the free will to continue to do wrong, knowing we are doing wrong.

What if! 

What do you think this world would be like if each person that allegedly claims to be a Christian actually lived up to the Christian action we are to live?


Mainly the bad is around because of sin. Remember we all have to die because of sin, but we have a gift of eternal life if we accept it from Christ and truly repent (turn away, strive to not commit sin, not to sin on purpose or knowingly sin). Yes, we all do sin, no one is perfect. But we are to strive to not do it.


Are you ashamed of Christ? If not take your stand and show your faith! Don’t be ashamed. Remember in Luke 9:26, it says that if we are shamed of Him, he will be ashamed of us.

Some spiritual food for thought!

First Published April 19, 2013. Last Republishing or Update on June 24, 2019.

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