International Cat Day

International Cat Day – A day to honor us cats. #InternationalCatDay #CatDay

International Cat Day

This day is held annually on August 8 with its first celebration in 2002. International Cat Day was founded by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.


National Cat Day is celebrated October 29th of each year. (blog post closer to that day coming soon)

World Cat Day is celebrated February 17 in Europe and March 1 in Russia of each year. (blog post closer to that day coming soon)

Calico Cat Day is held on January 24

National Black Cat Appreciation Day is coming up August 17 (Blog post coming soon)

Garfield the Cat Day is held on June 19

National Hug Your Cat Day is held on June 4

National Siamese Cat Day is held on April 6

However, Joel the Brave and I believe that …

Everyday should be Cat Day!

We plan to blog about all these cat days and more. If you know of any other cat type holiday let us know. We just may blog about it.

Check back often as this list may increase and also links to those Cat Day Holidays too.

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