If you pray for rain, bring an umbrella

If you pray for rain, bring an umbrella – having faith when you pray. #bgbg2 #umbrella #rain #prayer

If you pray for rain, bring an umbrella

I recently came across this saying and was like oh I like that. Faith came to my mind.

If you pray for rain, bring an umbrella - having faith when you pray. #bgbg2 #umbrella #rain #prayer

When we pray we should have faith God will do something. By bringing an umbrella when we pray for rain, we believe it will rain. Thus why we bring the umbrella.

If we don’t bring the umbrella after praying for rain, we could be saying we are unsure if God will make it rain or not.

Maybe you don’t use an umbrella, but this is what came to my mind to share.

Rain could be substituted with another area to pray for, umbrella could be an item or action to associate with that prayer.

By doing or bringing you have faith in that prayer that God will!

“Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you.”

Mark 11:24

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3 thoughts on “If you pray for rain, bring an umbrella

  1. I think this an interesting spin on this quote! I see this as a form of taking action. By praying for something with faith, you must accompany this pray with the tools God has provided you. So if you pray for a friendship but you are isolating yourself, it becomes our responsibility to find ways to connect with others. while also knowing that God will bring you to what is meant for you. I hope that makes sense!

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