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If the devil if offering you a treat – Church Sign Saturday

If the devil if offering you a treat … A church sign from First Baptist Church Bean Station. Find out what the rest of the church sign says. I am starting a new series called Church Sign Saturday.

If the devil if offering you a treat

This is the first edition of Church Sign Saturday. Each Saturday, I plan to try to share a church sign with my readers. This weeks Church Sign Saturday comes from First Baptist Church Bean Station. Bean Station is located in Grainger County of Tennessee. It is just north of me by about 30 minutes or so.

I saw this church sign on October 20, 2017 when I passed through with my boss as we were doing some work where I work at. Later that night, I passed with Heather (SimplySpokin) and we stopped and she took the photo of this sign for me. She also took a photo of the other side, which I will post next week.

This church sign tells us about the devil giving treats to us and what those treats can lead to.

If the devil if offering you a treat It's a trick - First Baptist Church Bean Station

This church sign, If the devil if offering you a treat, comes around Halloween. It is a good reminder that anything the devil wants to offer us is always a trick. The devil will use that against us after we partake in that treat. The will come as the thing we desire the most. You can learn more about that in what the devil looks like. After he gives us the treat, we find out it’s a trick! He will do his best to make us feel unworthy. He will spread lies to us. Find out some of the top lies the devil spreads. The devil likes to give the bait a nice little treat and then … Hook, Line and Sinker … We find out it is a trick and we are caught. I do like what Greg Laurie had to say what the devil doesn’t want you to know.

What Does the Devil Look Like?


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