If God Isn’t Real Then Why …

Before I being this blog post, note I said “IF”.  If God Isn’t Real Then Why …

If God Isn’t Real Then Why …

This is a pondering thought. The world today is tossed between if God is real or not.

My theory of this is if God is real then why is the world trying to taking Him out of things. We taking Him out of schools and courts, etc. Remember even Satan nows God is real. I honestly believe God is real. He is the maker of all things. He is the one that gives us eternal life with Him through His Son Jesus Christ.

Remember Satan is of the world, he will make you want to stay in the world as much as possible. Satan doesn’t want anyone to get close to God. He will try his best to make you believe God is not real.

I was sitting here, just thinking about this topic I am writing to you in a blog entry about.  It got me thinking about the  upcoming movie, God’s Not Dead, (You can click on the link to see a trailer of the movieis going to be a great movie to watch. Maybe a good way to help the world to prove that God does exists. (Stay tuned to this blog as, I plan to do a movie review after I watch the movie in a couple of weeks with my church youth group).

God allows us to have free will. That is why we have sin. Remember sin brought on death. That sin brought on sickness, etc. But we are the ones responsible for making our own choices in life. People always say where is God when this happens. Remember God is always with us, those who are born again. We are the ones that leave Him. But our free will is what can lead us down the wrong paths.

Scientist keep trying to move God doesn’t exists, but the more and more they do, the more they find that He does.  Just like Jesus, no one has ever found his bones. There is no bones about it, He is alive!

How can you question the seeing nature and not believe there had to be a creator. Just same if you see a building in town, you know there must have been a builder to build that building.

The Bible proves He is alive. It shows us he is the Creator of everything. He always was and always will be.

As Christians, we need to take a stand and not be ashamed to be Christians and stand up for our rights. Before you know it, we won’t be able to worship freely or read the Bible freely. We must speak up. The World must know that God is Not Dead. It’s time we all starting to evangelize and tell the World, the Great Commission, which we were in trusted to do. To go out in the the World.

I would rather die believing in God and finding out that he isn’t real, then die believing He isn’t real and find out He is real and spend eternity in hell. I think another movie that will be coming out soon, will be a good movie that will also prove God is real. That movie will come out in April called Heaven Is For Real.

While you are at it, check out and listen to Newsboys song God’s Not Dead!

What are you doing to tell the World God’s Not Dead?

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6 thoughts on “If God Isn’t Real Then Why …

  1. If the world believes God exists then they need to believe there is something higher than us human beings, which would mean we have to answer to that God. So if the world can keep believing there is no God, they can go on feeling they do not need to answer to anyone for their sins. But we, as Christians, know there is a God in heaven, for he is here with us now.

  2. Do not run ahead fo God be patient as you wait for God to answer . Waiting reshape your charcter read in the Bible. Yes give thanks. No better things are awaiting and that is not the right path for. He loves us even when we take a detour !!!!!!!! He sets us up on the right path. LOve you

  3. Hahahaha, ” Jesus bones have never been found, that means hes a alive ! ” People are so ignorant. That’s like saying ANYTHING that doesn’t exist is alive and roaming because we can’t find its bones. So mythical creatures exist, santa clause exist, dragons exist, fairies….

    1. It can be proven that Jesus was born, he lived. It can also be proved that Jesus died on the Cross and also proved he arose from the dead. Jesus is not mythical. One day everyone will bow down before Him. This includes me and also this includes you. The reason they cannot find the bones of Jesus is because He is alive! If His bones was to be discovered they would have already shown up. There is more proof that Jesus was alive than even Julius Ceaser.

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