If Cars Could Fly

If Cars Could Fly – We wouldn’t have roads! But the air traffic would be crazy. I am sure there would be no real direct path. I guess you could fly as the crow flies?

If Cars Could Fly - We wouldn't have roads! But the air traffic would be crazy. I am sure there would be no real direct path. I guess you could fly as the crow flies?

A Flying Car would be a type of personal aircraft. It would be similar to amphibious vehicles, that go in water and drive on land. Sometimes you might call this a hovercar.

Some I am going to write about some of my thoughts about if cars could fly as a creative writing blog post. I came up with If Cars Could Fly, when I was talking with my wife. We joked how much faster we could get somewhere if they could fly.

How would be not run into each other in air? Would each person be required to fly at a certain altitude? Direction? Etc. Would we have traffic lights in the air? Or even Stop Signs and Speed limits?

Would we have to have a special permit or license to fly a car? Would we have to be harnessed in so we can do rolls? Or would we just hover upright?

Would it run on gasoline? Jet fuel? or another type of fuel? Speaking of that, what would happen if you ran out of fuel? Would you drop or float down to the ground?

In reality, I think we’d have more fatalities. People can’t pay attention driving on roads because they drive distracted. Wouldn’t they do the same if we had flying cars driving in the air? Plus, just think, if you crashed in the air, then you will also fall to the ground.

If we had flying cars, we would have to docks on buildings for parking maybe?

Would the vehicle have wings that project in for roads and out for air?

With all the traffic in the air, you would have to look all around you. That includes above you, below you. EVERY WHICH WAY!

Maybe it would be like the movie, Back to Future II? Maybe it would fly like the cars in Harry Potter? How about Flubber / The Absent Minded Professor? Hollywood has given us a lot of imagination when it comes to cars that fly.

AreoMobile has an actual AreoVehicle. I am sure it has a hefty price tag too. I am not totally sure if it a prototype or functional.

I guess the logistics of it is not well thought out. I guess there is a lot to think about on flying cars. Safety one of them! I think we are still a very long stride away from having cars that fly.

If cars could fly, would trucks be able to fly, or even Jeeps, SUV’s, etc. How about Lemos?

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