If Bible Characters had iPhones by John Crist

If Bible Characters had iPhones by John Crist. IN this video Trey Kennedy also helps share what it would have been like if Bible Characters had iPhones.

“Dude, Jesus just got a blue check mark? How did he get verified? He only has 12 followers.”

You will find that and much more in this funny outtake done by Christian Comedian John Crist.

More samples

I’m on Facebook marketplace he’s trying to sell his brother can he do that?

Eve’s asking for new phone recommendations. I told her Android’s better but she’s all about Apple.

Lot’s daughter is pregnant. “I wonder who the Dad is”.

Bro’ you’re following the woman at the well?

Trump just tweeted he´s gonna appoint Nehemiah to build the wall.

Those are some of the ones you will hear. This is funny stuff! You must listen!

If Bible Characters had iPhones by John Crist

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