I Miss 9/12

I miss 9/12 – I saw this on Facebook, I remember how it seemed we were the United States and not the Divided States. This is the Day after 9/11, Patriot Day.

I Miss 9/12

By Elizabeth S. Gray

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I would never ever want another 9/11, but I miss the America of 9/12.

Stores ran out of flags to sell because they were being flown everywhere.

Below is the version I found ….

I miss 9/12 by Elizabeth S.Gray

People were American’s before they were upper or lower class, Jewish or Christian, Republican or Democrat.

We hugged people without caring if they ate at Chick-fil-A or wore Nikes.

On 9/12, what mattered more was what united us, than what decided us.

This was written by Elizabeth S. Gray.

Will we ever see such a United front again?

That’s hard telling. But, it took that huge act of evil to unite us. That united front didn’t last too long.

The Bible lets us know what man means for evil, God had good of it.

Like after those tragic events, people seemed to be praying more. The churches had more attendance in worship services.

People were helping people, it didn’t matter who or what they were.

As Christians we should love everyone, regardless. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they did or are doing. We must show the love of Christ.

If we push them away, treat them worse, what is that saying?

I don’t mean accepting what they did or are doing, but show them love regardless. We are ALL SINNERS! See Romans 3:23. Not everyone sins the same.

There is a saying love the sinner and hate your own sin. Note: YOUR OWN!

Patriot Day (9-11 Post)

First published September 9, 2019. Last updated or republished September 11, 2020.

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  1. I actually wrote this about 9/12 and if you google “I miss 9/12”, my original FB post is still one of the first images to come up. Someone cropped out my name and I’d like to retain author credit. Thank you for understanding and giving proper credit.

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