I Am Second® – Anne Rice (Her Testimonial Video)

I Am Second® – Anne Rice

I Am Second® – Anne Rice

Ann Rice (birth name Howard Allen Frances O’Brien) was born October 4, 1941 and is from New Orleans, LA. Ann Rice is a gothic author and the author of Interview with a Vampire. She was also raised up Catholic. She also uses these pen names: Anne Rampling, A. N. Roquelaure. 1

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After thirty-eight years of authoring books about vampires and darkness, Anne Rice grew up in a devoted Catholic family, knowing the importance of God and obtaining something in life beyond materialistic things. Still, she felt unshakably confined within the parameters of religion. At the age of eighteen, she walked away from it all and chose to live a life believing that ,”In order for me to grow up, I have to put God aside.”

[pullquote]The grief in my novels reflected my own feelings.[/pullquote]

Though her professional career was very successful as an author of Vampire tales, she was a Christ-haunted person. “I knew that as long as I denied Him, I wouldn’t know rest or peace. You must know that you can’t save yourself through art of music. You can’t do it through travel or wealth. Your attempts to achieve salvation alone ultimately amounts to nothing.” She found herself very ready to go back to God.

Anne had to stop. “Writing about vampires were no longer relevant in my life because they were stories about a person in a godless world. They were stories about me.” That, however, is no longer the case. Now, I have to write for Him.2

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