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Hurricane Dorian: Prayers for those effected & in its path

Hurricane Dorian: Prayers for those effected & in its path #Dorian #HurricaneDorian

Hurricane Dorian: Prayers for those effected & in its path! #HurricaneDorian #Dorian

It already hit the Bahamas, where deaths has already been reported.

It is making its way to Florida and up the East Coast of the United States Of America. Right now it is a category 4 hurricane. This hurricane is also considered massive in size.

Tracking up the East Coast, Hurricane Dorian could hit up along Florida, George, South Carolina and North Carolina. Then could continue to go along the coast.

Learn more about Hurricanes, the types, etc.

So lets keep all of those already effected and in the impact of this hurricane in your prayers.

Update: It was a category 5, hitting the Bahamas and has done a lot of damage and distribution. It hit the island county as the largest hurricane recorded to hit them. Their death toll is at 7.

Update 2: Wednesday morning, September 4, Hurricane Dorian is now a category 2. So far it’s not hit land and going up the coast. But it is bring strong winds and rains along the coast line. It is projected to downgrade to a category 1.

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