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How to Sneak Healthy Twists Into Kids’ Favorites

Getting kids to eat healthy foods is a constant battle for many parents, but it’s easy to pack nutrition into some everyday favorites without little ones being any the wiser. Since it is April Fools’ Day, the day this is published, follow these few easy tips to put a health-conscious spin on sweets, snacks and more without sacrificing the taste kids love. You don’t need to just do these on April Fools either!

Kids won't even know they're eating healthier! Healthy

Kids won’t even know they’re eating healthier!

April Fools Fake Out:
How to Sneak Healthy Twists Into Kids’ Favorites

  • Deceptively Delicious Desserts: If it was up to kids, dessert would be the only meal on the menu. Give your little chocolate fans an extra boost of protein and fiber along with their post-dinner treat by serving up double chocolate brownies made with black beans. Kids won’t be able to taste the secret ingredient, and you can feel good about the extra fiber. If your little ones are cookie fans, slip a serving of chickpeas into your next homemade batch for some added plant-based protein.
  • Masked Mac & Cheese: Mac & cheese is a kid favorite, but traditional recipes can often be low in protein, fiber and nutrients. Give your mac & cheese game an upgrade with a few simple swaps that pack in protein and veggies without an ounce of detection by even the pickiest eater. For a boost of beta-carotene and vitamin A, grate carrots and squash and blend right in with the cheesy goodness.
  • Saturday Morning Stacks: Give Saturday morning cartoons a fun, healthy breakfast to go alongside with detoxifying beets. Mix blended beets into your pancake batter to create cakes with a fun red color that kids will love with the added boost of folate, potassium and iron you want. Drizzle with your favorite maple syrup or fresh berries, honey and yogurt for a complete breakfast.
    With these April Fools’ Day-inspired tricks, you’ll be able to put a fun and healthy twist on your kid’s favorite dishes.

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