How to completely change your life

How to completely change your life – Or can we change our lives? Maybe there is someone else that can change our life?

How to completely change your life

Honestly, there is nothing we can do to completely change our lives. However, this is one person that change our lives for us. That is Jesus Christ. He makes us a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). The old is gone and the new is here, known as regeneration. We get new desires, etc. It is what causes us to be born again!

How to completely change your life

You often hear, I will clean myself up before I come to Christ. The truth is, we cannot do that. Only Christ can clean us up. He makes us white as snow (Psalm 51:7 & Isaiah 1:18). Part of surrender is repentance because of the change we have the Holy Spirit that guides us and tells us when we do wrong. That’s when we must repent, turn away from that sinful desire that separates us from God.

Remember a true friend will point you to Christ (The Answer) and not away! Also, remember it is nothing we can do, but what Christ can do! We are totally deprived. Only Christ makes the change, not us!

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  1. How interesting, I just finished typing my New Year’s Eve sermon and it has to do with “cleaning” our hearts. This post serves as a confirmation of my message. Thanks, brother!

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