Homemade Icepacks

Here is a craft per-say you can do with your children. I saw this on Facebook and I had to test this out. After testing this out, I figured I would share with my readers these homemade icepacks. They are cheap and easy to make. Your kids will enjoy helping you make these. I got my supplies from the Dollar Tree.

These will be great to help keep your lunch cold for school, work, day hikes or even a pickanick and more.

Materials Needed:

• Ziplock Bags
• Sponges
• Plastic Shoebox with lid

Homemade IcePacks (material)
Homemade IcePacks (material)


  • Take a new sponge, soak it good.
  • Place it in a zip lock page.
  • Optional, place that inside a second zip lock bag if you wish.
  • (Repeat for each sponge you have.)
  • Store them in the plastic shoebox to keep them all together.
  • Place them in the freezer.
  • When you are ready to use one, just take it out of the plastic shoebox in the freezer and put it in your lunch box/pale.
  • When you get home at the end of the day, just put back into the plastic shoebox to refreeze.


Homemade IcePacks (final)
Homemade IcePacks (final)


  • This was very easy to make.
  • This was also very quick to make too.
  • You can buy the sponges at a dollar store.
  • Use brand new sponges, do not use used sponges.
  • If the ziplock bags get holes or rip, then replace the ziplock bags.
  • If the sponges start to ruin, go bad, break apart, toss that out and then then replace with the same directions as above.
  • The plastic shoebox will be hand to keep them all together in one spot.
  • Make sure your kids understand they do not take the sponge out of the ziplock bag.
  • Sponges absorb the water.

Question time:

Did you make these or have you made these or something similar. Please share with me your experience, what you learned from making these. Tips you may have. Or anything else you wish to share.

I cannot take credit for this. I saw this on Facebook and had to try it for myself and make it and then share with my readers.

added after posting in June 2013:
I used ice packs I made. They still partially frozen in my lunch bag. My food seemed colder than normal ice packs. I used all 4 of them in it too.

Three 2 years later …

Even 2 years later, these still work great. I do rarely use mine, but I am sure if you use them regularly or they get lost, you can easily make replacement ones. Mine stay in the freezer and ready to use when I need them.

First published June 26, 2013. Republishing September 7, 2015.

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