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Homeless: How much is your sign worth?

Okay, let’s say you were homeless and on the streets begging for money. You are holding up a sign that ask people to give you money. You have a stranger walk up to you and ask you, will you sell your sign? How much would you tell the man?

Willie Baronet Homeless Signs Artwork | Photo Courtsey Willie Baronet

Willie Baronet Homeless Signs Artwork | Photo Courtsey Willie Baronet

That is exactly what Willie Baronet, a Dallas artist and advertising professor at Southern Methodist University, is doing. Baronet has been buying these signs for the last 21 years from homeless people. He has even paid $4 to $40 for them. Baronet is dong a month-long journey going state to state to buy these signs to make art work. It is estimated he has purchased 700 signs.

Some of these signs he said are humors, like ones saying they are trying to get back to Mars and even some with religious themes on them. One sign he purchased the person had for 15 years. He has purchased them from pregnant women and even veterans.

This project was funded by Indiegogo and raised $48,000 for this journey. The end result will be art installations and exhibits, a documentary film and a book with the aim of raising awareness about homelessness and providing information and resources to people who want to help.

Cardboard signs carried by homeless can be a form of marketing and heartfelt personal expression, according to Baronet, a former ad designer.

The worth of a homeless cardboard sign, I would say it would be worth what the owner sees it to be worth. Does he really need a lot of money or just a little. Does he see this may be the only amount he can earn right now?

This may be a great way to witness to someone.

So how much do you think your homeless sign is worth?

Want to learn more about Willie Baronet’s “We Are All Homeless” project. Visit this web site at or the Facebook Page at


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