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Hit by the Waving Man

Hit by the waving man - the story of Rupert, our black car, being hit by the waving man. Yes! Our cars have names. #WavingMan

Hit by the Waving Man – the story of Rupert, our black car, being hit by the waving man. Yes! Our cars have names. #WavingMan

Photo Credit: Steve Patterson

I was driving down the road and saw the waving man at a car lot that we bought one of our cars from. That gave me an idea for a creative writing prompt. I jokingly was pretending to be our car that we got from there …

Our car, Rupert, would say that the car lot would place the waving man right beside him and when the wind blows and the fan blowing him, he would hit him all the time.

Rupert let us know that the waving man would apologize saying, “It was not his fault, it was the wind’s fault.”

You can usually find these at car lots, recreational vehicle lots, trailer lots, etc. Or where some big specials are going on.

Rupert was happy when we adopted him. He then no longer sat at the used car lot. He was given love and gets to go for drives all the time.

These waving attention grabbers are also known as …

  • Air Dancer Man
  • Arm Waving Man
  • Tube Man
  • Wacky Waving Man
  • Inflatable Man
  • Wavey Man
  • & More

What do you call them?

Feel free to share in the comments below. I just might add that to the list above.

This wasn’t done from any writing prompts. Just something that popped in my head. I wished I had saved somewhere some other creative stories I wrote when I was a teenager. I would share them on here too.

No, this really didn’t happen, that we know of. But, just being creative in writing from our cars point of view.

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