Here for your cat

Here for your cat a writing prompt on the SWAT team here for your cat. #cat #cats

Here for your cat

This is a creative writing prompt.

Here for your cat a writing prompt on the SWAT team here for your cat.

A SWAT team kicks down your door, and a half-dozen guns are now pointed at your face. ‘What have I done?’ you scream. ‘We’re not here for you,’ the SWAT captain replies. ‘It’s your cat.’

I wouldn’t doubt it if the SWAT team came in for one of our cats, we tease them that they are gonna take over the world. Like Pinky and the Brain.

Our princess Lilly Bug, a calico tortoiseshell cat, she seems like the sneaky one. She has stolen her brother’s (Joel the Brave) shrimp and scallop from his special wet treat.

I’m not sure what she did but it must be serious. They wouldn’t tell me!

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