Headblade ATX Review

Headblade ATX Review – I want to share with you a new type of razor. A razor made for us men who like to go bald! It is called the Headblade. I got the Headblade ATX July 11, 2015 and tested it out too the same day.

Headblade ATX Review

Steve with the Headblade ATX
Steve with the Headblade ATX

I want to share with you my experience and my review of this product. Maybe you too have been wondering about buying it or not or you may be reading this and want to give it as a gift to that special man in your life.

This razor looks like a toy, a toy car that is. It has a special grip and a special way to hold it. It was also easy to grip, hold and maneuver!

I am sure if someone didn’t know what this was and you just handed this to them, they may think, why did you give me a toy car, a Hot Wheel Car? That is almost what it looks like. I am sure most of us men remember playing with Hot Wheels as a young boy. Then, they will realize it is more than a car it’s a Head shaving device.

One side has wheels and the other a blade. The blade is like a suspension. This razor claims to be geared for for shaving your head, thus the name Headblade. It is unlike the traditional razors we usually use and shave with for our beards and goatees.

I been told they work rather well and read many good reviews on this product. So I caved in and got me the Headblade ATX and some HeadSlick Shaving Cream to try it out.

Bald in the Summer

I usually go bald during the summer time. I’ve doing the bald look during summer for several years now and have always been using the traditional blade. Being told about a cool head razor in the shape of a car, I had to check it out! I was at Walgreen’s waiting on a prescription and looking around and saw the Headblade product. So I looked into it before buying it and asking about it too.

Currently as I type up this blog entry, I have been bald for about a week now, shaving every other day or so, but I do have a bit of fuzz or more when I shave with the Gillette Razor I have. I think I have the Fusion, I don’t recall, its been forever since I bought it, Just get the refills.

I tested out the Headblade ATX today. They say you won’t get as many nicks. Well, I still nicked myself, but it could still be from where I shaved the last time and it just reopened it. But I did get less than I would have using the Gillette Fusion on my head. I also think that I may have applied too much pressure too when shaving.

Easier to use

I did notice it was much easier and much quicker to shave with the Headblade ATX. It seemed to glide much better. I think too it might be the HeadSlick Shaving Cream that helped too. It seemed that in no time I was shaved. But again, I already had short hair and shaved a day or two prior with the Gillette Fusion.

If you have long hair, I recommend that you take clippers, maybe with no guard and shave your head with the clippers first. The thicker your hair on your head, I am sure the harder and more times you go over your head.

I also used it to shave my sides and neck. It seemed to shave much better than the Gillette Fusion in my opinion. I didn’t feel the pull or tugging like I do with the Gillette Fusion.

This razor is so awesome that, I will be using this more often for when I shave my head again. Hoping that it will motivate me to shave more often. The Headblade ATX also seemed to get a closer shave than the Gillette Fusion did on my head.


I do recommend this product. Right now, it is limited in retail stores that you can buy it at. I bought mine at Walgreen’s. I seen you can get them at Rite-Aide, Win-Dixie and a few other stores like that. It also said Food City, but I don’t recall seeing it at Food City. You can also order it directly from them and even join a shaving club.

When I shaved my head, I went both directions against the grain and with the grain, depending on which directions you go is the way the device is held and used.

If you want to shave your head bald! I highly recommend this product.

This would make a great gift for any dad, husband or any man. Make sure to get them some of the Slick stuff so they can shave with. I wished I had some of the Gloss stuff to make the head seem shinny. But that will come later!

Have you used this product? Tell me about your experiences with the Headblade products. Which product do you use? Any tips you wish to share are welcome as well.

More info at: headblade.com

This is an unbiased review of Headblade. Nothing was given for this review. It was purchased by myself because I enjoyed using it and wanted to share with other people who want to shave their heads. This review was done on my own free will. 

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