He Counts the Stars

He Counts the Stars – Only God knows the number of stars there are, and He knows each of them by name. #Stars

He Counts the Stars

He Counts the Stars - Only God knows the number of stars there are, and He knows each of them by name. #Stars (milky way galaxy during nighttime - Photo by Hristo Fidanov on Pexels.com_
Photo by Hristo Fidanov on Pexels.com

It is impossible for mere man to count all the stars. They are so vast, numerous and so far away from us. But, what is impossible for man, is possible with God! With that said, God knows the number of stars. Actually, God has already named each and every one of the stars. The star count is numerous.

I do not believe a human could actually sit down and count every star there is.

“He counts the number of the stars; He gives names to all of them.”

Psalms‬ ‭147:4‬ ‭NASB‬‬


If you remember, God showed the stars to Abraham and told him, that his descendants would be numerous just like those stars.

I will multiply your descendants as the stars of heaven, and will give your descendants all these lands; and by your descendants all the nations of the earth shall be blessed;

Genesis 26:4

If God counts and names the stars that He created, just think how much more valuable you are that He also created! Stars don’t get salvation. Only us, Humans get that!

What Scientist call stars, may not be what God calls stars either. Astronomers estimate there are about 100 thousand million stars in the Milky Way alone. That don’t count the stars else where.

Think of that that many stars are named by God. That is a huge number. We cannot count that many stars in one night. If we were to count one to one million, with one number per second. It would take us 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes, and 40 seconds to count from one to 1,000,000 (one million).

Think Stars are only visible at night and if it is not cloudy. There are stars we cannot see with our own eyes. Plus, I am sure there may be more stars out there that has not be discovered.

Just think of the stars as counts for people, like mentioned as descendants. It is estimated that 775 billion live on Earth (as of 2019) . That don’t count those who have died.

I also think of the most important star, the star that led to the Baby Jesus!

Have you tried to sit down and count the stars?

How many did you count?

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