Harby’s Pizza & Deli (Knoxville) Review

Harby’s Pizza & Deli (Knoxville) Review – This is my review and experience with this eatery in Knoxville, TN located off Walker Blvd. You might want to stay away from this one menu item!

I grew up in this area, even went to the middles school down road, Whittle Springs. I have never ate at this joint before. I always heard it was a good place to eat at, but never gone until now. So I figured I would share the experience in this weeks Travel Thursday. Harby’s is located on Walker Blvd. near Broadway intersection.

Harby's Pizza & Deli Knoxville Review


The inside is very neat looking decor. A lot of Elvis and Record on the walls. My wife and I liked the Light covers. They were clouds with other theme to them. I have never seen those before. So the inside was great … How about the food?

The only down fall is the seating benches are tight. They don’t seem to be made for two people to sit side-by-side.

Harby's Pizza & Deli - Knoxville (Inside)
Harby’s Pizza & Deli – Knoxville (Inside) | Photo Credit Trip Advisor


I got me a Medium Meat Pizza. The size of this pizza reminded me of small pizza from Domino’s in size. The cost was up there too. The crust seemed homemade. The pizza was good, but I have had better. They only had a few Shake Cheese Shakers and Crushed Red Pepper Shakers. People were borrowing them from other people using them on tables. I still think my favorite pizza so far is from Brooklyn Brothers in Corbin, KY.

Harby's Pizza & Deli - Knoxville (Close up of Meat Pizza)
Harby’s Pizza & Deli – Knoxville (Close up of Meat Pizza) | Photo Credit: Steve Patterson


My Wife, Heather, got the hamburger. She loves a great hamburger and wanted to try it. She is the one that took us for date night there. She likes to try new places, especially mom and pop locally owned and operated restaurants. She always heard how good the hamburger was. So was it good?

The patty looked like it was formed, it had an odd color too it. My wife took a couple of bites and never finished it. It was one of the worst hamburgers she tried. She didn’t eat any more of it. Her bun was very soggy too. It wasn’t worth it. Not to mention, she didn’t see what all the hype was about on this hamburger. It was nothing what people said it was. Heather said the patty reminded her of a cafeteria style patty.

Do not eat the hamburger!

Harby's Pizza & Deli - Knoxville (Close up of hamburger)
Harby’s Pizza & Deli – Knoxville (Close up of hamburger) | Photo Credit: Steve Patterson


Drink choices are either a can drink or a glass bottle drink. So you will have to buy extra if you are thirsty. There are no refills on drinks!

Outside & Parking

There is very little parking for this place. Plus the parking area is very tight and small. It is also shared with a few other businesses.

Harby’s Pizza & Deli Knoxville (Outside)
Harby’s Pizza & Deli Knoxville (Outside) | Photo Credit Yelp

Final Thoughts

We will never be back to this place nor do we recommend this place.

More info at: harbyspizzadeli.com

We didn’t get anything for this review. My wife and I paid for our food and were never asked to do this review. We just wanted others to be aware of this hamburger here to not get it. If you do go to Harby’s Pizza & Deli, get the pizza.

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