Grill Safely With These Tips

I was recently given a Ducane gas grill (pictured below). I love it. I was peeking at NAPS and saw this. So I figured I would share this syndicated article with you. I look at this grill as a blessing from God. God is the one who blessed me with it. He just used another person to give it to me.

Since I am a dad and some of my readers are dads or have dads in their lives, I figured I would share these tips with you. I made add tips as people share with me. So come back often.


Grill Safely With These Tips

(NAPSI)-According to the 26th annual Weber GrillWatch Survey, a whopping 80 percent of American grill owners feel that grilling is an important activity when entertaining guests in their home, with more than one-third saying it is extremely important (34 percent). With barbecues in full swing, it’s a good time to brush up on the essential do’s and don’ts of grilling to ensure that your next trip to the grill is safe, tasty and fun.Grill On…But First Read

These Safety Tips:

Do use heat-resistant barbecue mitts or gloves and long-handled tools when tending the fire or turning food.

Do clean your grill regularly to ensure it is working in top condition. For the step-by-step process to clean your gas and/or charcoal grill, visit

Don’t place the grill close to any combustible material. The outside of a grill can radiate a lot of heat, and accidental ignition could result if placed too close to wood, paper or other flammable material.

Don’t grill in an enclosed space like a garage-this can trap dangerous carbon monoxide.

Don’t use lighter fluid: Weber recommends using paraffin starter cubes to light charcoal. “Lighter fluid is a petroleum-based product that can impart a nasty flavor into your food,” says Weber’s cookbook author Jamie Purviance. In addition, if the lighter fluid is not completely burned off the coals, toxins can penetrate the food.

Do inspect your grill brush regularly for worn bristles and replace brushes at least once a year depending on how often you grill. To safety-test your grill brush to see if it needs to be replaced, Weber suggests pulling on the bristles with a pair of pliers using moderate pressure. If any bristles pull loose, discard and replace your brush. In addition, inspect your grill grates for any loose bristles each time you grill.

Do light your gas grill with the lid open!

Do “turn off” your grill. Place the lid on a charcoal grill and close all vents when you are done grilling. Turn a gas grill off at the burners and the source.

Don’t use water to extinguish a charcoal grill-it will damage the porcelain-enamel finish.

Do not use gasoline, alcohol or other highly volatile fluids to ignite charcoal.

Do grill on a flat, stable surface.

• Do know where your fire extinguisher is and have it handy in case of a mishap.

• Do use an onion. Rubbing an onion on your grill before cooking will help prevent meat from sticking. 

For more grilling information, tips and recipes, visit

What are some tips that you have for Grilling Safe?

Copy compliments of NAPS.

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