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Greatest Accomplishment

My greatest Accomplishment is…
Attaining the Rank of Eagle

The Rank of Eagle, for those that don’t know if the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America. I attained my Eagle July 5, 1994. I had to advance in rank to move on my Trail to Eagle. I also had to earn “Skill Awards.” They no longer have Skill Awards. Plus, I earned Merit Badges. I had to go on camping trips, do community service projects and serve as leadership position in my Troop.

Eagle Scout - Greatest Accomplishment

For my Eagle Scout project, I did some landscaping. I landscaped around the Annex building of my old church. The building wasn’t used for anything. They called it the Old Youth Building. Shortly, after I landscaped the building, they turned it into a Mother’s Day Out building.

I started out in Cub Scouts as a Bobcat. I don’t think they had Tiger Scouts then or near me. I have also served as Assistant Scoutmaster for 2 troops in Knoxville, TN and then 1 in Gaylord, MI.
I would like to find a local troop and help them. I have two numbers to contact about helping a local troop.

My old troop is no longer around, but I have heard they are trying to get the church to approve having the troop back again, this would be a few blocks from my house. Growing up it was just half a block away.

In the Scouts I got up to “Brotherhood” in the Order of the Arrow. (0A). Those in the BSA know what I am talking about.

I need to renew my membership to NESA (National Eagle Scout Association).

My resume even list that my greatest achievement is attaining my Rank of Eagle.

BTW, did you know that in Feb. 2010, Boy Scouts will be 100 years old?
I remember the 75th Diamond Anniversary while I was a kid in the Scouts (1985).
My Boy Scout troop even made it to the 50th Anniversary, forgot when now.

“Once an Eagle Scout, Always an Eagle Scout.”

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Steve Patterson

My name is Steve Patterson and I am saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. I have been blogging at Courageous Christian Father since 2012, however, I have been blogging since around 2004. I listen to nothing but Christian Music. I work as a graphic designer.

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  1. Looking back at this entry … I just wanted to say I am a Lifetime NESA member (National Eagle Scout Association). Don't recall when I went and just did my lifetime membership, but I did. 🙂

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