Great God In Heaven by Rez Band

Great God In Heaven by Rez Band. Sometimes you may have heard them called Resurrection Band. This song is on their Innocent Blood album. I learned about this band from Righteous Rock TV. I liked this song and wanted to share it with you my readers to listen to.

This band is done by Grrr Records. This is what they have to say about Rez Band.

Resurrection (Rez) Band was one of the early pioneers of Christian rock music. They began in 1972 as a part of a Christian traveling community called Jesus People USA that would set up Christian rock revivals in towns and cities all over the south and midwest United States. They released their first album in 1979 and continued playing Christian rock music through 16 albums and over 25 years. …. Click to read more.

This is just one of their songs. I am sharing a music video from YouTube and the lyrics to the song.

Great God In Heaven lyrics


Chorus: There’s a great God in Heaven,
Great God in Heaven,
Great God in Heaven, and nobody can deny.

Well, he got the book of judgement,
Hell and death are in his hand,
He knows the name of Moses; took him to the promised land.


Now the heavens shake and tremble at the coming of the king,
Every knee shall bow and tongue confess, when Jesus comes again.


Well, the Spirit is my witness, my name is on the roll,
As sure as Hell is a fiery furnace, I ain’t gonna go.


There’s a great God in Heaven,
A great God in Heaven,
Great God in Heaven, and nobody can deny.

Nobody can deny.

Rez Band Innocent Blood CD Cover - Great God in Heaven
Rez Band Innocent Blood CD Cover

You can learn more about Rez Band at

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