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The great catch: Can you imagine fishing all day, not catching a single fish, someone telling you to go back out. You obey & catch a multitude of fish. That is exactly what happened to these men.

Captain ChristianBlogR here, are we ready for another adventure in Bible Stories of the Sea? Imagine you are out on ye ship. Ye cast ye nets and catch no fish. Ye be at it all day long. Then up walks this man and tells you to cast your nets out again. I am sure they all looked at him, puzzled, but we have not caught anything.

The Great Catch
The Great Catch

The disciples were on a ship along the Sea of Tiberias to go fishing. But that whole day they were out there they caught nothing. Have you ever gone fishing and been at it all day and caught nothing? Frustrating, I am sure. Then they arrived back on shore. Jesus asked if they had any food and the men replied that didn’t have any. So Jesus told them to go back out and cast their nets on the right side of the boat. To then obeyed and went back out into the sea. They casted their net on the right side of the boat. The caught the mother of all loads of fish. The multitude of fish was so great that the nets couldn’t handle that many fish. Could you imagine reeling in the nets to that amount of fish? They caught 153 fish. Can you imagine catching that many? Despite that many fish, their nets did not break. Under normal circumstances the nets would have broke. But this was the power of Jesus. This was the third time Jesus showed himself to the disciples after his death.

This story shows us we must have faith and trust in Christ.

See the story for yourself in John 21:1-14.

Bible Stories of the Sea


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