Golden Buzzer Kodi Lee wins AGT

Golden Buzzer Kodi Lee wins AGT #KodiLee

From his audition to final, I have been rooting and hoping he would win. He even said he feels unbelievable!

Golden Buzzer Kodi Lee wins AGT #KodiLee

Way to go Kodi Lee!

He is blind and autistic. But, when he performs, you cannot tell any of that!

Kodi Lee also has a great full support of his family. They are very close to him too.

  • Younger sister – KaylaLee
  • Little brother – Derek Lee
  • Mom – Tina Lee
  • Father -Eric Lee

Check out Kodi Lee holding the winning ballet on his Instagram account.

I previously shared where Kodi Lee preformed I Can Only Image.

You can follow Kodi Lee on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @KodiLeeRocks

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