God’s Will Church Sign

God’s Will Church Sign – This church sign talks about being in and out of the Will of God. See what this church says says!

God’s Will Church Sign

This weeks Church Sign Saturday takes us to a church in Corbin, KY from October of 2017.

Out of God's Will You can't Succeed - In God's Will You Can't Fail. First Church of the Nazarene

This First Church of the Nazarene church sign reads …

Out of God’s Will
You Can’t Succeed –
In God’s Will
You Can’t Fail

This church sign is so true too. When we are out of the will of God we won’t succeed at anything until we come close and clean (Repent!). When we are close and clean, He will allow us to not to fail. That is anything that is according to God’s Will will prevail. I am not talking about a man named Will either. I am talking what the plans God has for the benefit of His kingdom!

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