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God’s Last Name Is Not Damn

God's Last Name Is Not Damn: I talk about blasphemy. Using God's name in Vain. God's Name is Holy! His name is to be reverenced not cussed! #IfGodHadALastName

God’s Last Name Is Not Damn – This is a topic that gets to me. I do not like to hear God’s name used in vain. When I hear it, I cringe and it echoes in my head. Saying His name in vain is blasphemy. It is against God’s standard law, The Ten Commandments. I do not have to list the ways we misuse God’s name, we all know the ways we use it and most of the times it is not out of praise, it is done in vain. Even in thought it is in vain. So we do not have to say it, we can think it. Remember God looks at our heart. This includes using his Son’s name in vain. Remember they are three in one, the trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. #IfGodHadALastName

God’s Last Name Is Not Damn

Freedom Fellowship Tract God's Last Name Is Not Damn
Freedom Fellowship Tract God’s Last Name Is Not Damn

I even left a job because everyone there said God’s name in vain a lot. I even talked to them and told them it was offensive and I didn’t like it. None of them wanted to change, so I left the job and got me another one.

God's Last Name Is Not Damn#IfGodHadALastName Click To Tweet

God’s name is sacred and Holy. Did you know that in Bible times if you said a certain name for God, you could be killed instantly?

Exodus 20:7

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

God's Last Name Is Not Damn: God's Name is Holy! His name is to be reverenced not cussed! #IfGodHadALastName Click To Tweet

God’s Name is Holy

God’s name is holy. (Matthew 6:9) It is the most holiest name there is. We shouldn’t be using his name out of context, as a cuss word, etc. In the Bible times only High Priest and only in the temple, could the High Priest say the most holiest name of God. When Jesus died on the cross the vail was torn down on the temple that separated the Holy place and the Most Holy Place (only the High Priest could enter). Making it where we can go directly to Jesus as our personal living savior. Jesus became our High Priest, interceding on our behalf to the Father.

Why isn’t any other name used?

Ever notice atheist and agnostic and other religions never swear to Alla, Mohammad, Buddha, etc. It is only God they use. You all may not believe in the same God I do, but that is disrespectful and disobedient to God doing so. Why don’t you say your own gods name in vain? Easy, because deep down you all know that the God of this universe, the creator of everything, The God who sent His Son to die for us, is truly God, you just don’t want to come out of the darkness. Also why do you use His name like that and you claim that you don’t believe Him?

Why else do they want to silence the name of God or Jesus? Because they know it is a powerful name. They know that name causes convection and repentance. No one wants to be in the light. They want to stay in the darkness and not have their sin exposed.


First Published on November 18, 2013. Last republished or updated January 16, 2020.

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