GODISNOWHERE – What phrase do you see first? What does it mean? There are two possible. God is no where or God is now here? Spacing makes the difference.


The point of this is spacing is the difference. If you put this on a church sign with no space it would read one of two ways. It could read, “God Is No Where”. Then, the other way could read, “God Is Now Here”.

GODISNOWHERE is known as a psychological puzzle. That is because it’s meaning can change based on where you put the space. That is why spacing is so important. Most people believe your first understanding of the puzzle is your belief in God. But, we know that is not true. Our brains all work different and see things differently, like this word puzzle.

GODISNOWHERE - What phrase do you see first?

God Is No Where

If God is no where … We are saying God doesn’t exists.  Plus, we are saying God is not omnipresent, meaning everywhere. This point may perhaps be the way an atheist will see God. It might be even a born again Christian who has back slid and feels that God is not there. Reality we know that God is everywhere. There is no where we can run away from God.

God Is Now Here

If God is now here, you might be saying that God just now arrived. Just like above, we know that God is everywhere. So God was already there. We might not have known He was. That just makes me where were the person thinks God was just prior to Him showing up?

Both of these

God is No Where and God is Now Here both talk about the presence of God. One says he is not anywhere and cannot be found. The other one simply is saying God just showed up. In a since, these two phrases can say that God was not around. But we know in reality God is everywhere. That is because God is omnipresent. Now Check out the image below.

It don’t really matter which one you see first, because they both talk about an absentee God. Just one talks about permanent absentee, while the other talks about a temporary absentee.



When you see GODISNOWHERE, which words do you see first? Tell me why. Your comments are welcome!


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