Girls in the Boy Scouts of America?

Girls in the Boy Scouts of America? Maybe they just need to change it to Scouts of America? Maybe combine elements from both the Girl Scouts of American and the Boy Scouts of America. That would change the rank and badge systems and more. But the Scouting movement has always been gender specific … Boy Scouts – Boy & Girl Scouts – Girl!

Girls in the Boy Scouts of America?

Girls were allowed in the Boy Scouts of America in the old Explorer Post. I think the Boy Scouts of America has been changing for the worst for some time now. They are trying to be equal for both males and females to be allowed in the scouting. But, what part of Boy Scout do people not get? We have both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Both are Gender specific! To join the Girl Scouts, one must be a girl and to join the Boy Scouts, one must be a boy. Not what sex you feel. God only created two sexes … Male & Female. You are what God made you, not what you feel like you are.

[pullquote]Strange, I thought that’s what the Girl Scouts was for???.[/pullquote]

Not the Same

I do think the Boy Scouts are not the same as they use to be back when I was in it. Plus, I am sure it wasn’t the same when it first started in 1910. I know today it is easier to attain the rank of Eagle than it was when I was in scouts a young boy. Baden Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts of America, would be rolling in his grave if he know how the scouting movement has progressed.

Girls in the Boy Scouts of America? Here is an old Boy Scouts of America artwork from Normal Rockwell
Here is an old Boy Scouts of America artwork from Normal Rockwell (Which is one of my favorite artist)

Don’t Mix Sexes

I don’t think you should mix boys and girls in the Boy Scouts of America. How would you keep the two sexes separate? I am talking about having your tent mate, the buddy system and going on hikes alone. That can raise flags for disasters and I would say for the chances of the boy and the girl to engage in sexual activity while on a scouting event.

Christian Values

Scouting was based on Christian values and sadly to see, Scouting has been getting more and more into things of the World instead of staying true to Christian values. I am sad to see the direction of the Boy Scouts of America. However, the Boy Scouts of America said they have done research and believe it would be easier for families and allow for girls to attain the highest rank … Eagle Scout.

God: The Basis Behind Scouting

What’s Girl Scouts Was For?

I like and agree with this quote from Donald Trump Jr. Donald Trump Jr. said, “Strange, I thought that’s what the Girl Scouts was for???.” I am thinking the same thing. Yes, I know that the ranks and badges are not the same. Girl Scouts don’t also always do the same things as the Boy Scouts, but still they have a scouting unit one for boys and one for girls.

The Scout Law – A Christian Point of View


Now, girls were in the Explorer Post that the Boy Scouts of America use to have. However, women are part of the Boy Scouts, you have Cub Masters and Assistant Cub Masters that are women. Plus, women on the committee. Even women in the adult leadership but, not as a scout.

Trail Life

That brings me to a new scout like movement called Trail Life. It will stick to the Christian values! It is similar to the Boy Scouts as it goes camping, you earn rank and other things you did in the Boy Scouts, but they gear it to Christian life totally. They even say they will not allow women in Trail Life Troops either. Trail Life USA (TLUSA) is a Christian outdoor adventure program that emphasizes and teaches biblical moral values and requires all adult members to agree with, sign, and abide by the Trail Life USA Trinitarian Statement of Faith and the Statement of Values.

Core Values of Trail Life. Christ-Centred, Church-Owned & Operated, Outdoor-focused, Safety, Courage, Male-Centered Adult Leadership, Volunteer-Driven, Program Flexibility, Shared Leadership, Youth-Centered Leadership, Character-Focused, Not Awards-Focused, Servant Leadership, Family-Oriented, Decentralized Decision-Making, Debt Averse, Walk Worthy.

“… that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;…” Colossians 1:10

If you are looking for something for your young boy, I believe Trail Life would be the option to go. Sadly, I am an Eagle Scout, but no longer recommend joining a Boy Scouts of American Troop.

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