Fried Chicken – The Best & The Worst

I share where the best and the worst fried chicken places are. This food is a southern staple for southern comfort. #FriedChicken

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Fried Chicken - The Best & The Worst - One staple comfort food here in the South is Fried Chicken. So where do I think is the best place to eat fried chicken? Where is the worst place to eat? #FriedChicken

The Worst Fried Chicken

The Worst Place I will have to say is Popeyes. I have never got good chicken there. It doesn’t taste good, nor has it been fresh. I have tried to go a few times. One time, we placed an order in drive thru, 30 or more minutes later, we finally get to the window to pay only to be told it would be another 20 minutes. I wrote corporate about that! No reply! I have even wrote corporate about not fresh food on the other times too, no reply either.

Lee’s Famous Recipe. I don’t like the taste of their chicken. I do however, like the spicy chicken tenders though. Their potato wedges are great.

Not Sure

When I was younger, we had Mrs. Winner’s Chicken & Biscuits, but I don’t remember them much. They have all closed down in my area.

My wife talks about a place that does a honey fried chicken. She says they are good. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet. They are in South Carolina. This place is called … Yogi Bear Honey Fried Chicken. When I do try them, I will share a blog post about it and update this blog post.

There is an update about Yogi Bear Honey Fried Chicken Check it out!

Okay Place

Any okay place is Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), but I would rather not. I grew up on KFC. Both the Original Recipe and the Extra Crispy. They are okay. They do have a buffet, but too often it seems the chicken is not too fresh on it or the other items.

Best Fried Chicken

The best place to get Fried Chicken is at Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits. I like the Cajun seasoning on it. Plus, I like the skin on it too. Here if you don’t mind to wait, you can request it be cooked fresh on the spot. I rare have had dried or bad chicken here. The very few times I did, the manager made it right.

Did you know this way of frying a chicken has it’s own holiday?

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