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How To Get A Free Firehouse Sub On Your Birthday

LFree Firehouse Sub On Your Birthday … Did you know that at participating Firehouse Subs that on your birthday you get a free medium sub at participating locations.

How To Get A Free Firehouse Sub On Your Birthday

Free Firehouse Sub - Firehouse Meatball Sub

Firehouse Meatball Sub

You use to be able to just show them your ID for proof. However, now you must have the Firehouse Sub App to redeem your free medium sub. I don’t live that close to a Firehouse Subs, so I have only been able to get it a couple of times.

Download the Firehouse Subs app! Eat great food. Earn rewards.  http://firehousesubs.com/rewards Get 300 points with my referral code: lsywf

You must have the app before your birthday with your profile set up.

Usually I have worked on my birthday, but 2014 and 2015, I was able to take vacation during my birthday week. Then in 2016, my birthday fell on a Saturday, so I am off on weekends!

Firehouse Meatball Sub

I have only had and tried the meat ball sub at Firehouse Subs. The Firehouse Meatball Sub the only sub I will get there. Yes, I am a creature of habit! I also add pepperoni on my Firehouse Meatball Sub too. I won’t eat another sub anywhere else! The Subway’s Meatball Sub I will no longer eat and do not like, after eating this one at Firehouse Subs. I enjoy when my birthday comes around so I can get my Free Firehouse Sub. The picture in this blog post is an example of the Firehouse Meatball Sub.

Firehouse Sub App - Free Firehouse Sub Reward

Firehouse Sub App – Free Firehouse Sub Reward

And I’m sure it’s at participating locations and subject to be discontinued at any time. Plus maybe based on availability.

I also enjoy their pickles there too as I always ask for extra pickles each time I go! They have the yummy spear pickles. Did you know you can buy the 5 gallon bucket these pickles come in and help benefit firefighters. These buckets are currently $2 an is a part of the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation is dedicated to improving the life-saving capabilities and the lives of local heroes and their communities.

I like the atmosphere too.  It is family-friendly too. The one in Knoxville, TN in Fountain City area of N. Broadway, has a woman, Ms Charolette, that will sing happy birthday to you all perky and happy like. It caught me off guard the first time, I went in for my Free Firehouse Sub.

Got Hot Sauces?

If you like hot sauces, they have tons of different types, green to red, from mild to very hot! They even have the Scoville rating on the hot sauces too to let you know if it is mild or hot.

Just a side note, this August 6, 2016, Firehouse Subs is giving a way from everyone to get a Free Firehouse Sub. All you have to do is bring in a 24 Pack case of water at participating locations and they will give you a Free Firehouse Sub.

Firemen founded Firehouse Subs

Go take the family, enjoy the birthday in your family and have a free sub on Firehouse Subs. I just wished there was one closer to me in Jefferson City, TN area. The closest locations are in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Fountain City area of Knoxville. Those are still around 30-45 minute drive.

Firehouse Subs, if you are reading this, please bring one to Jefferson City, TN or very close by, Dandridge or Morristown will work too, those are close to me!

FREE Birthday Food!

Did you know Zaxby’s has a birthday club, you get a postcard with a free Zinger sandwich. Bojangle’s gives you a coupon to print for a free biscuit with a purchase. (These all are even for adults)

Today, with mobile apps many more places are doing Birthday clubs too. Like Aunt Annie’s Pretzles and more!

I remember as a kind tons of places gave free kids meals for their birthday.

Do you like Firehouse Sub? What is your favorite sub there? Did you go and get your free Firehouse sub? Tell me about your experience! Comments welcome!

Do you know of other places that give free meals or that for your birthday, please comment below!

Find out more at: firehousesubs.com
First published August 6, 2014. Last republished or updated August 5, 2017.

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