Free Christian Music Downloads

Free Christian Music
Free Christian Music

Free Christian Music (One Time Downloads) Part 1

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Altar Billies – Several Songs:
One time song downloads, they have several right now via REVERBNATION
Right now a couple of them are Christmas Songs.

Band Justus, The
One Time Download

Bloodgood – One Song Download:
One song download via REVERBNATION.

Brian Dale:
A few songs to download via ReverbNation.

BTTW Church:
Noise Trade. They have currently 3 volumes of Indie Christian Music Bands.

Christian Music Challenge:
Sign Up and they will send you a 30 day devotional and one free song download for 30 days as well via Al Menconi.

Covenant 31
This one has a one time download.

Cross Pointe
Have a song to download

Jesus Freak song can be downloaded free or by a suggested donation.

Church Wars song can be downloaded free or by a suggested donation.

Church Wars can be downloaded via ReverbNation

Finial Surrender – Several Song Downloads:
Several song downloads via REVERBNATION.

Five & 2 – Daniel & Laura Kachelmayer
This one has a one time download.

Free Music Public Domain
This site has several public domain free Christian Music song downloads.

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Christian Music for 30 Days

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Free Christian Music
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Free Christian Music
FREE CHRISTIAN MUSIC - A List of sites to help fill up your iPod, iPhone, iTunes, MP3 player and/or computer with FREE Christian Music. Some times have new songs weekly, while others are one time. What are you waiting for? I also have shared a place to get a free faith-based audiobook each month too. #FreeMusic #Christian #ChristianMusic #Free
Steve Patterson
Courageous Christian Father
Courageous Christian Father

39 thoughts on “Free Christian Music Downloads

  1. I looked at the list and bookmarked them. Thank you for sharing. I did not see Gospel Music Channel on your list. But they also have a free weekly download. I think that theirs is on Monday.

  2. At this I have noticed both Air1 and K-Love no longer give a free downloaded song. But keep checking. Never know if they will again.

    Do you know sites I have not listed? Share with me.

  3. Another Website would be
    you would have to sign up (free). It is the Kingsway record label’s website, there are new downloads on the American version every Tuesday and new downloads on the UK version every Friday on left side in blue. 🙂
    You can switch versions by clicking on the little flag icon in the very top left corner of the page.

  4. Hello could anyone please tell me where I could download the song (Come As You Are ) from the Crowder Band thanks Connie

  5. @Connie Right now there isn’t one free to download legally. Just keep on eye out on these sources, it just might one day be the one, but right now you will need to pay to get it via iTunes or Amazon. Thanks for the comment Connie. God Bless.

  6. I am trying to find two songs to complete my mom’s memorial service video I am making. The one is “Change My Heart Oh God” (you know, the one about You are the potter, I am the clay….

    The other one is: Because He Lives.

    mp3 or 4

    Can you help me with that?

    God bless,

  7. New songs added daily if you know of a Christian band giving away free Christian Music online or you are a Christian Band giving away free Christian music please let me know so I can add them to this list. If a link no longer works also let me know, so I can remove it.
    Steve Patterson recently posted…Start Over – FlameMy Profile

  8. Hi Steve,

    Don’t know if you’re still operating as the last date is 2016 …. but if you are here is my website where all the tracks from my 1991 album ‘He Will Come’ are up for FREE download ……
    Blessings … (have no idea what all the ‘jargon’ below means – ‘a feed could not be found …. BUT the music is directly downloadable from my site! (and the URL is correct)

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