Frankenstein Friday

Frankenstein Friday – A day for the monster that Frankenstein created, Franenstein’s Monster. #FrankensteinFriday #Frankenstein

Frankenstein Friday

Frankenstein Friday - A day for the monster that Franenstein created. #FrankensteinFriday #Frankenstein

People think the monster is Frankenstein, but that is not the case. The creator of the monster is Frankenstein. He is called Frankenstine’s Monster.

This day is held the last Friday in October and it started in 1997 by Ron MacCloskey from Westfield, NJ. In 2020, it is held on October 30, 2020. (See below for future dates).

This day recognizes the author, Mary Shelly, the novel Frankenstein. Frankenstein’s Monster is one of the well-known horror characters.

  • Created by Mary Shelly at the age of 21, Frankenstein was first published in 1818.
  • Frankenstein was made famous by Boris Karloff in the movie Frankenstein in 1931.

The other day is Frankenstein Day, which is held on August 30 of each year because that is when the author, Mary Shelly was born.

One of my favorite Frankenstein’s Monster character is Herman Munster from the Munster’s.

Frankenstein’s Monster is a make believe creature. Only God can bring life back to the dead … Like Lazarus and Jesus Christ!

Frankenstein Friday Future Dates

  • 2021 – October 29
  • 2022 – October 28
  • 2023 – October 27
  • 2024 – October 25
  • 2025 – October 31

This day won’t be on Halloween until 2025.

First published October 25, 2018. Last updated or republished October 20, 2020.

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