Food Truck Park Coming to South Knoxville

Food Truck Park coming to South Knoxville – Food Trucks are a very popular way to go out to eat instead of eating in a restaurant. It will be located at the Southside Garage in South Knoxville. #FoodTruckPark #SouthsideGarage


“We’re just fortunate and excited to get going and continue to grow, we heard a lot of people are going to move in next to us on Sevier Avenue and we’re excited to have them, and see this become a busy area for Knoxvillians to hang out.”

David Yousif, Co-Owner of Southside Garage.

There will be about 20 different trucks on rotation, fenced in tables in the back, and bathrooms.

They plan to open Wednesday, May 1, 2019. If not, they said they’ll be open by the weekend at the latest.

Located at 1014 Sevier Ave, Knoxville TN.

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