Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2 – This is my take and review of the fitbit fitness tracker the Versa 2 the new fitness smartwatch. #Fitbit #FitbitVersa2

Fitbit Versa 2 - This is my take on the fitbit fitness tracker the Versa 2. #Fitbit #FitbitVersa2

I started with the Fitbit Ultra to the Fitbit One to the Fitbit Surge to the Fitbit Blaze and now the Fitbit Versa 2. I did not have the first versa, one before this model.

I have been using a fitbit fitness tracker since 2012. I started off with the very first one the Fitbit Ultra. In February it will be 8 years of being fitbitten as they call it.

Changing Bands

My Fitbit Blaze band did fit my Versa 2. The latch is smaller on the Blaze Band than the Versa 2 Band. But it did work for me. So you can change the look by having different types of bands.

Boxed with Small and Large

I noticed they come with a way to make the watch for small or large, instead of selling a small size and a large size. The was a smart play on Fitbit!

Clock Faces

You can change your clock face, some require a payment for the face. But, it only shows one. So if you like one and another, you have to go back to find it. It is not saved in a special place. I don’t like that!


The Versa 2 does seem a bit bulkier than that Blaze, but not by much. It was pretty much not that noticeable to me.


You can download and use apps on the Versa 2, like weather! They even have games, if you are a game player, which I am not. I did add a calculator app to mine.


They still have the silent type vibration alarms like the other wearables. This one is done via an app and can only be set via the app on the watch.

Amazon Alexa

The Versa 2 has Amazon Alexa, so far I have only used it to set a timer. I haven’t got to set other aspects, as I am not familiar with the Alexa command lines. I do think it is more limited in what Alexa can do.

Another time I tried to use it, it said that I needed to set up Alexa. Which, I has already done.

Streaming Radio Notification Not Working

I did notice that when using streaming radio stations, the Versa 2 won’t show me the song info like my Blaze did. I wished it still worked and showed me the song title and artist. But it won’t.

Do not disturb

I do like they have a do not disturb, sleep feature for the vibration notifications. So you can turn that off and not be woken by the vibration notifications.

Colorful Screen

Nice colorful screen – very sharp images on the screen. It is a vibrant and bright colors, similar to a smartphone screen.


This one says you can swim with it. I have not tested that yet. Once I do, I will update this blog post! It claims up to 50 meters. 50 meters is equal to 165 feet or 5 ATM.


This one still can track my sleep. It has a better and newer looking heart rate monitor on it.

Steps, Stairs, Etc.

It still tracks my steps, stairs, etc. the same.


Music it still connected to my songs on my phone, but it can also use Spotify, Pandora and Deezer. This watch has the ability to have songs built into the watch too. (300 songs)

But I was still abel to control my iTunes songs on my phone from the watch too.


It has a normal and a strong vibration mode. My text, calendar and calls do vibrate and show up on my Vera 2. I wonder how long the vibration motor will last in this model. The Blaze lasted a few years. (Why I ended up upgraded)

Fitbit Pay

Versa 2 has Fitbit Pay, similar to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc. I have not tested that and don’t plan to test that.

Battery Life

Battery life is supposed to last up to 6 days or more. But I am sure that depends on much much syncing, using, notifications, etc. I did a short charge after I got it.

Then I fully charged it to where it showed 100%. 24 hours later, it was down 13%. That says maybe about 7 days. The battery showed 20% at 8:30 p.m., almost exactly 7 days later. Note: I didn’t use assisted GPS or any other functions. Just normal notifications.

An Update

I had an update for the firmware for the watch and that update seemed to take a long time to update.

Weather App

The weather app only seems to work if you recently synced your fitbit.

More Features

I am sure there are many more features, that I won’t be able to use all of them. So far, I have enjoyed this fitness tracker the best of all the Fitbit trackers I have owned.

I have been using it for over a month at the time of this blog post.

Learn more:

I bought the Fitbit Versa 2 myself and figured I would share my take on this fitness tracker watch. Amazon Affiliate Link Used.

update in 2021, my watch face came off and other people are experiencing the same thing. Yet, Fitbit has a not doing anything about this flaw. Just offering a small discount on a new device. A small discount fir someone who has been with Fitbit since 2012. I’m thinking of switching to the Apple Watch now!

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4 thoughts on “Fitbit Versa 2

  1. I bought the Versa (the first one!) back in February after previously having just the Fitbit Flex years ago. I have loved it. Glad to see some slight improvements Fitbit is bringing. The only thing about it is that quick replies are not compatible with IOS at this time, only Android.

    1. I started with the first Fitbit, the Fitbit Ultra, it was one you put in your pocket or else where. They have come a long way since that one. (Was in 2012). I have had a few other types of the fitbit tracker, as mentioned above in my post. I am glad to see some of the improvements too. They almost had to with Apple Watch. I am all Apple and Mac, but I am staying true to fitbit on this one for now. They do still have some bugs on iOS. Thanks for the comment and visiting. Merry Christmas!

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