My favorite memories from youth retreats – One of these retreats was to Centrifuge and the other was to the Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC). Plus now as an adult leader too.

My favorite memories from youth retreats

As a youth myself

Both of my favorite memories from youth retreats occurred while I was a youth of course during the early 1990’s.


I’d say one of the ones I remember was going to Centrifuge in 1991. Alice Bell Baptist Church, the church I was a member at that time, we went to the one in Jackson, TN. At this retreat, there was a mural painted on both walls is a basketball theme. For some reason, that has stuck in my head about that trip. I guess the crazy stuff sometimes are the things you remember the most. (See the pictures below). For some reason those are the only two pictures I can seem to find from that youth retreat.

Basketball Mural inside my room at Centrifuge 1991 in Jackson, TN
Basketball Mural inside my room at Centrifuge 1991 in Jackson, TN

I even had a note that they painted over this while we were there during that week. I think I took these picture off of a 110 film camera.

Youth Evangelism Conference

But I think my top one is when I was at a youth retreat was to a conference in Nashville, TN. This retreat is called The Youth Evangelism Conference. I remember them talking about the True Love Waits movement. They told everyone to look under their seat. Special seats were marked with a piece of paper saying you won a t-shirt. It happen to be, that I was the one sitting in one of those seats. I won a True Love Waits t-shirt.

I thought I had saved that t-shirt, but I cannot find it in my box of t-shirts that I would like one day to make a t-shirt quilt out of. If I do find it in the future, I will scan a picture of it and add it here.

I haven’t been to the YEC since the 1990’s. In 2016, I was as a volunteer for the Youth Evangelism Conference. Read about my experience as a volunteer at the YEC. I hope to be able to volunteer in 2017 and the years to come.

Now as an adult leader

Now I am a youth leader at my church. I get to go on many youth retreats with the youth. It has been really fun. At times it makes me feel like a youth again. But, it also reminds me of when I was a youth on these types of trips. I enjoy watching these youth light up and making memories. Memories I hope they don’t forget.

I think the fun trips we have taken our youth on has been Xtreme Winter and Strength to Stand. Plus, I enjoy each time we can take the youth to the Virginia Creeper Trail too.

I am looking forward to many more youth retreats and trips with the youth yet to come. I hope God can continue to use me in the youth ministry, as well as, this blog ministry too.

So what is some of your favorite memories of going on a youth retreat?

Your comments are welcome. Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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