Fall Into Church – Church Sign Saturday

Fall Into Church – Church Sign Saturday – This weeks Church Sign Saturday talks about falling into church and what God will do.

Fall Into Church – Church Sign Saturday

Check out First Baptist Church Bean Station church sign. FBCBS is located in Bean Station, TN. Their church sign reads Fall into church God will pick you up.

Fall Into Church God will pick you up - First Baptist Church Bean Station

We know that God will always pick you up no matter what. He is the Good Shepherd because He leaves the 99 behind to get the one lost. Plus, He even will carry you too. I am not sure about the fall into church part of the sign. I guess they are saying it’s time to go to church. Using the season of Fall. Instead of falling?

I know we can fall into sin, but never have heard about it falling into church. If anyone knows what that means, please feel free to share with me.

Special thanks to Heather of SimplySpokn for taking this photo for me. Also check out the other side of the church sign, taken the same day October 20, 2017.

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  1. Perhaps the ‘fall into church’ is an invitation to those who have fallen out of attending church on a regular basis. It could also be a reminder that our brothers and sisters in Christ are there to help us, through their love of Christ.

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