Everyone thinks they are a graphic designer 

Everyone thinks they are a graphic designer. They will send you designs and wonder why it didn’t print right. The same can go that everyone says they are a Christian. One day they will wonder why they heard, “Depart me I never knew you!”.

Everyone thinks they are a graphic designer

Everyone thinks they are a graphic designer Just like everyone thinks they are a Christian

One thing resolution! Most these wanna be design programs do low resolution. They don’t do print resolution. Yes, it might look good on screen and that’s because screen resolution is low. But it won’t always print right. In order for it to Pro t well it must be high resolution!

Another thing is color format. Those wanna be programs will do RGB (screen colors) and not CMYK. Which is the four color printing process. So an RGB document when converting black who’ll become a registered black. That means it uses 100% Cyan, 100% Magenta, 100% Yellow and 100% Black for the most part. In order for black text to render correctly it needs to be just 100% Black with nothing in the other three colors.

Just like everyone thinks they are a Christian

Our lives with God can be the same way. Our resolution might look good to us or others, but how does it look to God? Are we doing it for show or for His glory?

The same goes with color mixture. If we add mixtures into other stuff are we doing it right for God. We need to be like the just 100% Black and focus just on Christ. Not Christ plus this or that. It is only in Christ alone which we may be saved. He is the only way to the Father. Plus, He is the only one that saves.

Just the same you will hear most people claim they are a Christian, but they aren’t. Just like everyone thinks they are a graphic designer, everyone thinks they are a Christian.  One day a lot of those who believe they are a Christian will hear, “Depart from me, I never knew you!” See Matthew 7:21-23.

People will say I go to church sometimes so I’m a Christian. My parents are one therefore I am too. You will hear all kinds of things. How can we be sure? By their fruit you will know them. Like proofs in the pudding. See Matthew 7:15-20.

As you can see these two things go hand and hand in Matthew Chapter 7.

Proofs in the Pudding



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