Every Tuesday, Paul brings me a big cup of soup and we talk about …

Every Tuesday, Paul brings me a big cup of soup and we talk about …

Every Tuesday, Paul brings me a big cup of soup and we talk about ...
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This was a writing challenge I saw. It stood out to me because it said Paul. First thing I thought about was the Apostle Paul. Paul stood out because he is very inspiring to me.

In this case, I can image that I am getting to talk to the Apostle Paul. I guess we would be talking about the epistles (letters to the churches) he wrote. He did write most of all of the New Testament after all.

I am sure he spoke Greek, and I speak English. So we would need a translator, unless we could understand each other.

I think we might have a hearty cup of chili. After all, I am sure what he would say would be hearty too. (It would have a lot of meat to it – bad pun eh?). I do know and believe, if I could talk to Paul, I could learn a lot. I am sure his conversations would be convicting too. He would speak truth in love.

I might even ask him questions about his conversion and being blinded and dependent on the followers of the way. What it was like to try to let them know he was changed, though they were afraid of him.

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What would be something you would ask the Apostle Paul?

Feel free to share in the comments below.

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