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Essential Church Members

Essential Church Members - Today the word “essential” is important. In the church who is essential? #Essential #EssentialChurchMembers

Essential Church Members – Today the word “essential” is important. In the church who is essential? #Essential #EssentialChurchMembers

Essential Church Members

This list can also give you many of the places and ways you can service in the church.

Essential Church Members - Today the word “essential” is important. In the church who is essential? #Essential #EssentialChurchMembers
  1. Adults
  2. Associate Pastor
  3. Audio / Visual Staff
  4. Baptismal Staff
  5. Bass Guitarist
  6. Bus Driver
  7. Cameraperson
  8. Check-in Station
  9. Children’s Church Staff
  10. Children’s Pastor
  11. Children of the Church
  12. Choir Director
  13. Choir Members
  14. Church Cook
  15. Church Counselor
  16. Church Member
  17. Church Secretary
  18. Coffee Station Staff
  19. College & Career Pastor
  20. College & Career Director
  21. College & Career Staff
  22. Connection Pastor
  23. Cleaning Staff
  24. Custodians
  25. Deacons
  26. Drummer
  27. Elders
  28. Family Pastor
  29. First Time Visitors Station Staff
  30. Guitarist
  31. Greeters
  32. Housekeeping Staff
  33. Infants
  34. Interim Pastor
  35. Keyboardist
  36. Kitchen Workers
  37. Lead Guitarist
  38. Lead Pastor

  1. Maintenance Staff
  2. Media Director
  3. Media Staff
  4. Minister of Music
  5. New Borns
  6. Nursery Workers
  7. Office Staff
  8. Organist
  9. Outreach Team
  10. Pantry Workers
  11. Parking Lot Staff
  12. Pastors
  13. Percussionist.
  14. Pew Warmers
  15. Pianist
  16. Praise Band
  17. Prayer Warriors
  18. Secretary
  19. Security
  20. Senior Pastor
  21. Small Group Leader
  22. Small Group Members
  23. Social Media Staff
  24. Sound person
  25. Student Pastor
  26. Sunday School Teacher
  27. Teaching Pastor
  28. Treasurer
  29. Ushers
  30. Van Driver
  31. Visitation Team
  32. Visitors
  33. Vocalist
  34. Webmaster
  35. Worship Leader
  36. Worship Pastor
  37. Youth
  38. Youth Leader
  39. Youth Director
  40. Youth Pastor

As you can see this list can go on and on.

ALL parts of the church are essential!

None is greater than the other, nor is one least.

We all work together to form ONE BODY. Everyone’s gifts and areas to serve are different.

Even the position I may have left off. If you know of one that I can add, feel free to share in the comments below. I then can add it to the list above.

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