Emergency Cat Rescue Totals 193

Emergency Cat Rescue Totals 193 – St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey.

Emergency Cat Rescue Totals 193

On one count in July the total was 176 cats rescued. They wanted to keep on until they could not longer see traces of cats on the property. They didn’t want to leave any cats behind. This happened in Sussex County of New Jersey. (Northernmost county and part of the New York Metro).

They have been caring for the rescued cats including some new barn/farm locations for many of them. These felines still show normal activity and seeking hooman interaction.

Each one rescued also has been spayed or neutered. Many of them are up for adoption at Noah’s Ark Campus, Madison Shelter and PetSmart Mt. Olive. I am glad that mean partnerships came and helped with this unexpected group of cats.

One of the 193 Rescued Cats from St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey.

The rescue efforts took place during a heat wave.

Now these cats are back to being a cat and playing with toys.

Back in July 13, 2018 was when some of them got to go to their new farm homes.

The team was only gonna take them in small batches, but seeing the intense heat wave and other factors deiced to take immediate action on those cats. A lot of the cats also had illness and injuries. Which included a staging, triage and treatment area set up.

This effort began June 26, 2018.

Monetary gifts to help with the costs of general care, spay/neuter and medical treatments from relatively simple to more serious can be made here. Food, litter and supplies can be dropped off at our shelters or ordered from our Amazon wish list for direct shipment at go.sthuberts.org/amazondonate.


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