Egg-Shaped Tunnel in Gray, KY

Egg-Shaped Tunnel in Gray, KY – This is the old fashioned horse and carriage tunnel or horse and buggy tunnel. It makes an oval shape.

Egg-Shaped Tunnel in Gray, KY

This weeks Travel Thursday doesn’t have any state markers or anything like that at this spot in Gray, KY. But, I thought it was cool enough to share with my readers. This old fashioned tunnel is oval shaped or egg-shaped. It gets that shape from the olden days of horse and carriage, horse and wagon or horse and buggy. (Example shown below) Just think those carriages or buggies had an oval shape. So the tunnels or underpasses has to be that shape to fit them.

It’s a short tunnel. But worth a stop if you are near the area. Gray is near both Corbin, KY and Barbourville, KY along US 25E.  Maybe you can stop by as you check out Cumberland Falls or even the Iron Furnace or Chained Rock, Etc. (All not too far away). Or even the Tri-State Marker to stand in three states at one time. (Tennessee, Kentucky & Virginia).

I think it is very neat as you don’t see too many tunnels this shape. It is also a one lane tunnel too.

I wan to to thank my wife, Heather, for sharing this site with me. This was one spot she showed me while we were dating about things that were from or close to the area she grew up in.

Example of Horse Drawn Wagon, Carriage or Buggy

Example of Horse Drawn Wagon, Carriage or Buggy. Egg-Shaped Tunnel in Gray, KY




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