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Dust by Nostalgia, a rock solid Christian Band. I share a video of the song and even the lyrics to the song. Dust. Your possessions will fade away. #Dust #Nostalgia

Dust by Nostalgia reminding us that … Your possessions will fade away.

Video by Righteous Rock T.V.. I learned about Nostalgia by TJ Servant of Righteous Rock T.V. I even have became friends with some of the band members. Nostalgia is a rock solid Christian Rock band.

Dust Lyrics

Building your empire of wealth, prestige, power, and fame.
Like a house of cards so carefully built,
But it will someday fall.
Acquiring all you can in this life.
That’s the name of the game.
When the rug is pulled from beneath your feet,
Who are you going to call?
Dust is what it all will be.
Dust. Blown away into the sea.
Dust. Your possessions will fade away.
Dust. Reckoning coming your way!
The riches of this world will pass and all shall turn to dust.
Are you investing in temporary pleasure,
Or the eternal reward?
Pride has got it’s grip on you,
Your treasure is what you trust.
On the wide path of destruction,
With a clenched fist you hoard.
Store your treasure in heaven,
Where moth and rust won’t decay.
The kingdom of heaven created for those,
Who humbly lay it down.
Through the precious blood of Christ,
God has made the way.
Lay it all down at His feet,
And you’ll receive your heavenly crown.

Dust by Nostalgia

Lyrics from Reverbnation.  Lyrics used by permission from Brian Dale Rainsberger. #Dust #Nostalgia

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