“Duke” Bush’s Baked Beans Dog Dies

“Duke” Bush’s Baked Beans Dog Dies – I guess you can say Duke died and didn’t share the family secret. #Duke #BushesBeans

“Duke” Bush’s Baked Beans Dog Dies

Normally we post Cat things! But we thought we would take a change and post about Sam who plays “Duke”.

One of the dogs that portrayed “Duke” in commercials for Bush’s Baked Beans has died. Sam lived in Apopka, FL, with his owner, Susan, their neighbor David Odom says. Odom’s post about Sam’s death went viral on Facebook, and now Bush’s Baked Beans is responding.

"Duke" Bush's Baked Beans Dog Dies - I guess you can say Duke died and didn't share the family secret. #Duke #BushesBeans

″We continue to be overwhelmed by fan interest and their love of Duke. The relationship between Jay and his beloved dog Duke is the embodiment of the BUSH’S brand, and has been a part of our family story for more than 20 years,″ Bush’s Baked Beans wrote on Facebook on Tuesday. ″During that time, we’ve worked closely with several dogs who portrayed Duke in our commercials, including Sam″

So I am sure it is on to the next Duke. Almost like animal mascots, they go through several of them.

Our hoomans even got to go visit the Bush’s Baked Beans Visitor Center in Chestnut Hills, TN. I am sure people will flood there with this news.

May he and his hoomans have some peace of his passing. Not to mention his many, many fans.

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