Drop and Run Santa

Drop and Run Santa. Play Santa and leave a wrapped gift on a strangers or loved ones door. You then, knock on the door and run. Almost like dingdong ditch, but you leave a gift instead of leaving nothing.

Drop and Run Santa

Don’t get caught! Hurry run after you Ring the door bell and leave the gift.

Drop and Run Santa

I heard about Drop and Run Santa in 2016. It seemed like a rather cool thing to do. Plus, it could even bring some Christmas Cheer to someone.

It is very simple to do. I have not done this, but I might give it a try! The point is not get caught or the person knowing you did it. It doesn’t have to be a strangers home. It could be a friend, family or another loved one.


  1. First, buy a gift.
  2. Next, wrap that gift.
  3. Find a strangers or loved ones home
  1. Place the gift on the porch
  2. Ring the door bell or knock
  3. Run away

You might want to make sure they are home. So that way porch pirates don’t steal the gift.

Similar to

This idea is very similar to dingdong ditch where you randomly knock or ring a persons door bell and run. However, in this case, you are bring Christmas cheer by leaving a random gift. Please make the gift a nice gift, not a gag type of gift! Remember you are playing Santa here.

First published November 27, 2017. Last updated or republished December 5, 2020.

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