Do You Talk To God During Your Commute?

This came to my mind as I was driving to work on July 6, 2013. Most of my blog post ideas come from when I am commuting to work or from work. I have a 41.6 mile commute, one way. That usually takes me about an hour to get to work. Do you have a long or short commute to work? Do you use that time to talk to God?

commute trip one way
commute trip one way

I usually pray for a long while, I will turn off the radio and just pray and talk to God. After my talk, I will turn on the radio and listen to either K-Love or Air1 (Christian Radio Stations). All I listen to is Christian music. Often as I am driving down the road, will a blog post I feel God wants me to put come into my head. Like this one. What I will do is grab a voice memo and take notes real quick.

This one is is about talking to God on your commute to work. Regardless if you have a short commute or a long commute, I suggest you spend that time talking to God. We often say we do not have enough time. So why not you are only driving, you do not have to close your eyes to talk to God. What is talking to God? That is prayer my fellow readers. We are to pray without ceasing (See 1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Take advantage of this time, to open up and talk to God. Give Him all your cares, your concerns, praises, thanksgiving and everything. Ask for forgiveness of your sins as well. Just open and talk to Him. You have to truly be open and He will talk back to you. It may not be face to face like we have a conversation with each other. But, He will talk to you in one way or another or point you in a direction.

I feel that when you begin your day with prayer, pray as often as you can throughout the day and then end your day with prayer that it seems my day goes much smoother. Now, I am not saying all the troubles or storms are gone, but it seems that I am able to handle the situation much better. I usually always ask for strength to make it through the storms of that day.

I encourage you if you are not praying while you are on your commute to God that you do so. If you are, I will encourage you to continue to do. All you have to do is open and talk it is that easy! He hears us directly no matter where we are.

Do you spend your time praying or talking to God on your commute? What is your experience with that? Please feel free to leave your comment.

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