Did you know they use bugs in yogurt and other food?

Did you know they use bugs in yogurt and other food? Yes! That’s right a bug called Carmine. It may even have another name used, so it’s not as clear that is is a bug. #Carmine

Did you know they use bugs in yogurt and other food?

This is no joke, I saw it on 20/20 the in 2005. Here is a website about it too.  Carmine is a color in bugs they use to die a lot of foods, esp. yogurt with. So if you like the strawberry type yogurts, then you are eating bug parts.

carmine label - Did you know they use bugs in yogurt and other food? Yes! That's right a bug called Carmine. It may even have another name used, so it's not as clear that is is a bug. #Carmine
carmine label

This is not a joke: there is ground up red beetles being used right now as a food coloring ingredient in yogurt, ice cream, juice drinks and many other grocery products. The ingredient is called “Carmine.”

The above was taken from the web site, first paragraph.

Btw I am drinking a Dannon Fusion Smoothie “Strawberry blend” and it has Carmine. It also has another name according to 20/20, forgot what they said.

But, who would have known those little bugs taste so good. That or the flavorings real or artificial do a great job masking their taste. LOL.

Also try doing a Google search: carmine yogurt and see what you come up with. I saw tons of hits as well.

Make up, drinks, anywhere red dye is to be used, they just may use Carmine instead. Read your labels! You might be surprised!

So what do you all think about that?


I heard on Way-FM November 6, 2020, Wally talking about this. I was like like wow, I posted this on this blog before. 15 Years later, they radio show is talking about it. (It was also rebroadcasted on November 9th).

So I figured, I would repuprose this blog post and republished it. I am adding to it too, as you can see from the update header.

They added Natural Red 4 is another way of saying, without saying Carmine. (Or even C.I. 75470, or E120 as stated on WikiPedia.)

Mentos is another item that has this bug, per Wally on Way-FM. They also added a red velvet cake mix uses this beetle and even a popular yogurt. (See a list below)

Some makeup uses carmine for coloring too. Just saying ladies!

Other Products using Carmine (Bugs)

  • Applied Nutrition: Libido Max for Women
  • Betty Crocker: Red Velvet Cake Mix
  • CVS Pharmacy: DHA Prenatal Multivitamin
  • Healthy America: Triple Strength Natural Cranberry Fruit Concentrate
  • Hot Pockets: Snackers
  • Jamieson Natural Sources: Omega-3 Age Defence
  • Lucerne: Smoothie Dairy Beverage (Strawberry Banana)
  • Meijer: Strawberry Yogurt Parfait
  • Naturade: MemorAid with Omega 3 & Vitamin D
  • Nature’s Way: Alive Women’s 50+ Multivitamin/Multimineral
  • Nestle Nesquik: Chocolate Cookie Sandwich (Strawberry)
  • Rainbow Mentos
  • Werther’s: Original Sugar Free Caramel Cinnamon Flavored Hard Candies
  • Yoplait: Original Variety Pack

This is just a small list. If you some an item that contains bugs for coloring, feel free to share in the comments below.

First published August 12, 2005 (on a prior blogging platform). Republished or updated November 9, 2020.

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