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Dear Mr Atheist allow me to destroy evolution in 3 minutes!

Dear Mr Atheist allow me to destroy evolution in 3 minutes! (The YouTube Video) Talking about how Evolution is wrong. Who is in this video? #evolution #creation #atheist
Dear Mr. Atheist man
Dear Mr. Atheist man

Here is an interesting video I came across. It is entitled Dear Mr Atheist allow me to destroy evolution in 3 minutes!

I am not sure if this is the original, but this is the one that comes up when you do a Google search.

Joshua Feuerstein, an evangelist, who is in this video, takes a strong stances on proving that evolution is wrong. I will say Feuerstein is strong and firm when he talks. Feuerstein is also direct when he gives his speech. Press play above in this blog post and listen.

At time of posting this video has been out around one week and has had nearly 31,000 views. There are other people how have shared this video too, but not as many views.

While you are at it check out this video by Ray Comfort’s Evolution vs God. Another great video to prove Evolution is wrong. Ray Comfort goes to UCLA and talk to Science professors about evolution. Asking for proof. Find out in that video what proof if any was given by those professors.

God is the creator, we should be teaching the Creation Story, not theories. is a great place to research Biblical Creation stories, plus they also prove about Evolution being false.

Atheist is a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.
Atheism originated from the Greek ἄθεος (atheos), meaning “without god(s)”
What are your thoughts about this video? Please feel free to share your comments below.

Adding this after I posted this blog entry it seems this video is getting a lot of heat on the Internet. You have a lot of atheist trying to trash this guy. You got your science junkies as well. Main premise of the video is as Christians not to believe in evolution or the Big Bang Theory. I do not believe in either one of them. I believe in creation according to the Bible. God spoke it and created it.

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