dear future wife

Dear Future Wife

Toward the of 2013 or so I done the hashtag on Twitter #dearfuturewife It was to say dear future wife and you would tweet about what you’re looking for. I’ve been given more thought about this so I figured I do I blog post and share it this way. I cannot remember all of them that I did. I do know that this hashtag is popular with the young men growing up. Even the ladies are doing one #DearFutureHusband.

My pastor always says if you’re not dating with marriage in mind you shouldn’t be dating at all. No I do not want to rush into getting married. I do want us to take our time to truly fully know each other.

I don’t know who you are but God I’m sure has somebody in my future planned out. Then again, God may see it is best that I not remarry. Only God knows my future. I don’t but just in case, I figured its good to come up with a list. I want my next marriage to be ever lasting, Christ-Centered, till death do us part. I do not want to get another divorce either.

Also I’m not looking to jump into a marriage or a relationship. I want to start off as a friend and build into something that God wants us to have. They always say the best relationships start as friends first.

I have taken the 5 Love Language test. It says my top love language is touch and almost tied was words of admiration. What is your Love Language if you know it?

dear future wife
dear future wife

So if you want to be the future of Mrs. Patterson here’s some stuff If I was looking on what I would be looking for …

  • A Christian active in church
  • Does not do drugs
  • Does not drink, not even socially
  • Does not smoke
  • Only listens to Christian music
  • Willing to be pure and wait till marriage. True Love Waits
  • Assist me with maintenance other aspects as needed on this blog ministry
  • When we go out to eat, eat at home or where ever we eat, we will bless the meal together. Even in public!
  • Go with me handing out gospel tracts and the Gospel of John (witnessing)
  • Understand that when you’re in a leadership position that you’re looked up to more than others
  • Help motivate and encourage each other.
  • Devotion times: Individual, couple and family.
  • We have a Christ centered relationship. Jesus is first before each other.
  • We will not pull each other away from God We will do our best effort to bring each other closer to God.
  • We will attend church as a couple, where I feel God leads us to go.
  • I was raised Baptist, I attend a Baptist Church. I believe the Baptist Faith is the most true form of Christianity. Christianity is not a religion it’s a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • I Resolved!
  • I do enjoy hiking and walking, and hope we can do that as a couple.
  • Other activities I enjoy camping, bowling, blogging for God, graphic design, photography just to name a few.
  • I am a Tennessee Vol fan and would like you to be as well, not necessary.
  • I am a cat person.
  • I prefer to only watch Christian Movies or good Family based-friendly Movies.
  • You will be somebody that I can not live without not just live with.
  • We will be each other’s best friend.
  • I cannot stand the toilet or commode seat and lid to be open it must be closed when not in use.
  • I am not perfect and I know you aren’t either.
  • We will be each other’s best friend … We can go to each other and go to Christ.

I am not settling. I am firm with these. I am sure more will be added as time goes on. We all learn as we go after all.I do know that God will send the woman for me, if he has one for me when it is according to His will.

I would also like you to read Proverbs 31:1-31 & Ephesians 5:22-31.

I will know if you have these desires above, they say proofs in the pudding. Your fruits will show. I have been around and single for a long time and dated off and on to know.

I’ve never been to the beach nor have I been on a mission trip but I do think that going on a mission trip together as a couple on our honeymoon would be a great idea.

Also a true friend will bring you closer to God not further away.

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