Daily Manna Tasted Good Yet the Israelites still complained. 

Manna falling from Heaven
Manna falling from Heaven

I’m sure that most of us is familiar with how Moses led the people from Egypt to the promised land. So we know they were in the desert for 40 years and God provided manna for them to eat daily. This manna was very pleasant tasting. I’m guessing it was to taste however they wanted to taste. If they wanted to taste like a seven coarse steak dinner that’s what it tasted like. Yes, manna was food. Food that fell from heaven. The Israelites were only to take what they could eat for that day. If they took too much it would rot by the next day. (Read about this in Exodus 16.)

Did you know the Israelites still complain to God even though he was providing for them and it tasted good. After a while I guess these Israelites had in her mind that it didn’t taste good anymore so that’s why they started complaining. When you do not think something taste good or you get tired of it, that is usually when you start to complain. We do the same thing today God provides her basic needs yet we still complained to him about everything even those needs that He blesses us with. Sometimes we get tired of what God blesses us with and other times we get upset because he doesn’t give us what we want. We just have to remember God blesses us with stuff we need not what we want.

[pullquote]God always provides our needs![/pullquote]

Bible also tells us to taste and see how good the Lord is (Psalm 34:8). The manna I believe is a symbol of Christ. Christ is good for us. Having Christ as our daily manna by staying in the Word. Remember Christ body was broke for us. We usually partake of the Lord’s supper which has his body broken for us as a symbol of his body. (See 1 Corinthians 11:17-34)

So I’m encouraging you to taste and see how good the Lord is. Trusting God and allow him to give you your daily manna. Stay in the Word and Fellowship with God and the Daily Manna will taste good. Remember it will taste like you want it to taste. So staying in the Word it will taste good.

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