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Criminalization of Christianity seems to be in the start with the arrest of Kim Davis for not issuing same-sex marriage license that went against her faith.
Criminalization of Christianity
Criminalization of Christianity

I do believe we are now seeing signs of Criminalization of Christianity in America. Where you will be put in jail for your belief and standing up for your belief. Similar to Kim Davis of Kentucky. I am proud of her for standing up for her rights and not issuing same-sex marriage license, because it does go against God’s Word! It says Marriage: One Man, One Woman.

I pray and hope that I can stand strong like this too. We need more freedom fighters to stand up for our beliefs. Beliefs that are being taken away from us. We were founded on Freedom of Religion, not Freedom From Religion.

I like what Mike Huckabee Shared on Facebook.

Having Kim Davis in federal custody removes all doubt of the criminalization of Christianity in our country. We must defend religious liberty and never surrender to judicial tyranny. Five, unelected Supreme Court lawyers did not and cannot make law. They can only make rulings. The Supreme Court is not the Supreme branch and it’s certainly not the Supreme Being.

I am proud of Kim for standing strong for her beliefs. Who will be next? Pastors? Photographers? Caterers? Florists? This is a reckless, appalling, out-of-control decision that undermines the Constitution of the United States and our fundamental right to religious liberty.1

I agree we need more freedom fighters those who are not afraid to stand up even if it could lead to jail time. Where are we freedom fighters? Are we just gonna sit back and let them take our rights away. Before you know it we will not be aloud to worship. Huckabee also told her he was proud of her for not abandoning her faith. Huckabee says he fully backs her on this. Huckabee will get my vote for President 2016.

Even Decision Magazine, a publication of Billy Graham. shared …

“This is not the kind of America the Founders envisioned or that most Americans want.”2

Decision Magazine also shared that she is a strong woman of faith and she wants to be true to God. Myself I am very proud of Kim Davis and her stand. I ask that everyone pray for her, her family, the community our nation and everyone affected by this.

These are parts of the signs of the ends of times! Jesus Christ can come back any moment now. Another note that jail time could lead to Kim Davis being a light in the dark jail and maybe some saved souls!

According to Liberty Counsel, a law firm that helps those who are standing up for their beliefs made this statement.

County Clerk Kim Davis has been sent to jail until she abandons her Biblical values. Details to come. #‎FreeKim‬3

If it was me, I would not change my Biblical view, so I guess I would get life in jail.

I am asking for freedom fighters to stand up and be bold against this. I also ask Prayer Warriors to pray!

Gods Law trumps mans law! We answer to God not man on judgement day!

Huckabee created a Sign the petition to free Kim Davis to get her freed from jail. To sign visit:

Jeff Druban shared this …

For all of those suggesting that Mrs. Davis should obey the “law” and just quit. Here is the law in Kentucky:

Kentucky Constitution Section 233A

Valid or recognized marriage — Legal status of unmarried individuals.

Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Kentucky. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized.

Text as Ratified on: November 2, 2004.

History: Creation proposed by 2004 Ky. Acts ch. 128, sec. 1.4

The State does say that but the federal law did change, it changed illegally. The Supreme Court had now power to do what they did. But, never the less let us remember that God’s Law still trumps Man’s Law.

Yes she may have had 3 bad marriages prior but that is her past not present. She stood up for her belief and not allowing a gay marriage license. She has no issues giving marriage license to one man and one woman.

Check out this blog post Arrest for Going to Church

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Addition added September 4, 2015.

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